This product is made by three-step method, with antioxidant and DHT-4A as additives. It is mainly applied to the granulation of materials special for PP resin washing tank.

CD-PP-23 modifier is a material special for PP washing tank that Chunda develops independently to cooperate with YPC. It is a new-type multi-function PP plastic additive made of high-performance additives and several other materials.

CD-PP-23 modifier has been used on the device PPB-M02-V of YPC (Yangzi Petrochemical Company Ltd.). The extruding granulation unit runs stably, and the quality of granule products is stable, meeting the quality requirements for washing tank. 


Nanjing Chunda Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd., accredited as Jiangsu Hi-tech Enterprise and Jiangsu Private Science & Technology Enterprise, is specialized in R&D and in the production of a series of new materials for plastic products which are used for electrical wires and cables.