With thermal oxidation resistance, antistatic and lubricating functions, CD-PE-12 additive is a composite additive special for PE, produced as required by FREP. It is produced by the granulation technology of linear low-density polyethylene DFDA-7050. This additive has been used on the 200,000 t/year UNIP0L polyethylene device in polyethylene workshop of SINOPEC Yangzi Petrochemical Company Ltd., producing a good effect.

This composite additive is mainly made of: antioxidant, anti-blocking agent, slipping agent, pre-mixing agent Preload46. Each of them meets the requirements of licensor and related national laws and regulations. This composite additive has been used on the polyethylene devices DFDC-7050 and DDFDC-7080 of FREP and the produced products are all excellent.

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